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12 Feb 2017 19:53

my game crashed every time... -.-

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14 Feb 2017 12:15

The last one working is Hungary Map 0.9.28 for 1.26 and have just 2 files. (base-map and a fix for DLC with or without France)

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02 Jul 2017 19:14

Here's how to play this awesome Hungary Map in patch 1.27 as of July 2017.

1) Download Hungary Map version v0.9.28a for ETS 2 1.27.
I specified the official location, because the Author wishes so.

2) Download the specific hotfix for the last ETS 2 minor release. If you do not get this, the game shall crash during map loading!

3) Start the game, enter the Hungary Map play account and remove all the Map bits from the enabled mods list. Once done this, go back, don't try loading a savegame.

4) Quit the game, unzip (with 7zip software) both map and hotfix files in the ETS 2 mods folder.

5) Restart game, enable the files and sort them as follows:


I have included several famous 3rd party mods to show how to use them with the Hungary Map.
I have excluded some of the longest trailers. I have tried them (see some screenshots) but the traffic tends to be so thick you can't manouver well in some tight turns without having to wait for 10 minutes every time for the traffic to loosen a bit (boring).
You see two "def" files: the one at the top is the hotfix, it has got the same icon as the regular def file.

6) Start driving and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and ultra-realistic towns!

Some screenshots:






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