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21 Nov 2016 18:20

Hey guys.

As beautiful as some of the cabins are, the back is usually not taken care of, leaving the truckers sleeping space looking like a hobo's hideout. I'd love to see a proper bedding with a small wall tv or something. I looked on the steam workshop but nothing of the likes existed so far, so I'm hoping for promod enthusiasts.


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30 Nov 2016 18:59

Hi, Jeyjey's cabin add-ons has some beds for SCS trucks and some mods (I believe Ohaha's volvos, RJL's scanias and Madster's Mans).
There is a LOT of not so good stuff, but I use the first bunk, wich has the traveller bag on top of it, very immersive. No TV though. ... yjey+cabin

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04 Nov 2018 01:33

The sad thing is it is outdated and doesn't work for the Scania 2016 by SCS. If jeyjey updates it to fit all the new trucks and stuff, I'd definitely tell others to use it and I'd personally use it again. When I found out it doesn't work for the Scania 2016, I just left it in the dust. Hopefully the creator sees this and updates it again. :D

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