Skin Ché Guevara Freightliner Classic XL 2

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04 May 2019 01:15

I was inspired by the origins of my wife, and the country where I currently live to create this skin in homage to Ernesto Guevara.
This is only my 1st skin for ets2, so be indulgent please.

On this truck, the angle of the hood creates a stretch of paint texture that I can not adjust (visible on the first and second photo).
I would like to make a gradient of the circle of Che at the back of the cabin (photo three), but I do not know how to do either.
You will not be able to change the color of the tank because it is not the template, all like the rear wheel arches, so it's black chrome or aluminum as the game offers basic.
If anyone knows how to fix his three worries, it is with pleasure that I will update this skin.
For information, the bird on the side of the truck is a Tocororo, the emblem of Cuba.


To download here:

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02 Oct 2019 16:10

Ché Guevara he was in truth a great killer !!! along with Fidel Castro

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22 Feb 2020 04:09

Really? You would make a skin of a mass murderer who was importing Russian nukes to cuba in the 50s and 60s, making the world at the time think that the world was going to have a global apocalypse? Unbeliveable that this mod is allowed, but one like the Calais emigrates mod from years ago is not. Really distasteful

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