Hiring a truck mod creator. Budget $300 USD per mod

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09 May 2019 02:37


For a quite long time i have been looking for a mod creator to develop a private mod for myself. Unfortunately could not fine anyone. So hoping to find some mod creator in this forum.

I am looking for a truck mod for game version 1.34 . This will be an private mod and after discussion we can agree on the payment for this mod. If anyone interested please let me know so we can take the discussion further

We can go any of below approach

- You make the 3D model and convert into game
- I will get the 3D model thru a 3D artist and you just have to do the conversion and testing


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15 Jul 2019 23:44

It may help to mention what you are looking for specifically, a map maker has different skills then a truck/trailer creator for example. Not even mentioning other things. Good luck on your search, but payment for mods is forbidden. Just saying, it will get you and the mod creator in deep trouble even if it's for private use ;)
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