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20 Jul 2019 20:00

Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening.

I was wondering if there was a Renault Range T truck mod that was compatible with the DX11 feature for ETS 2?

Back when ETS 2 was at version 1.30, I used the Renault Range T mod from the Polatli Mods Team, but as of it's current version (v8.0), it's only compatible until ETS 2 v1.33. I've seen suggestions that editing the manifest.sii file might help to make it work, but I think the change in the new v1.35 update is too big to make a small fix such as that.

There was another Range T that I tried from Voith and it works with ETS 2 v1.35, but only in DX9. Whenever I try it in DX11, it has a problem with loading the texture and crashes to desktop.

If there isn't a version that works, then it's no problem. I just wondered if there is maybe a version that works with the new DX11 feature.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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21 Jul 2019 09:12

I guess RTA keeps all their mods (featuring a Range T) up to date... but sadly they're paid. :?

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