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06 Mar 2019 01:40

Hi folks, first of all i like promods map and tcp pack a lot, but been starting to make my own trailer skins lately.

They work fine and they show up on the roads, but when i plan a new trip they never show up on the list.

Made the files with ets2studio and i noticed there are a lot of other companies on promods map then showing in ets2studio.

Is there a way to add my trailers so they show up in the list ?

Or can i find the company names somewhere so i can add them to the files ?

Thx in advance.


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08 Mar 2019 11:17

Normally, when you make the freighter on ETS2 Studio, there is a place where you can select the starting companies and the companies when you arrive for your trailers. I have selected it before when I did some trailers (I took a lot of companies) for which appear the most to take them for missions. I do not know if you did it or if it's not your problem, but normally with this, it running.
After, the ProMods TCP modifies the base map companies that already exist in the game, and which are selectable on ETS2 Studio. The ProMods TCP does not add, compared to the ProMods which adds a lot, but does not interfere with the trailers market and old companies.

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