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Update broken trailers

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04 Apr 2020 20:11

Hi there! I modified some trailer skins for my own truck with my own logo etc. I last used them on ets 1.34 with pro mods 2.4. Since quarantine I’ve ventured back on and since updating they aren’t working anymore. Would anyone here be able to help? They took me ages to make so I’m wondering if there is a quick fix for it?


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10 Apr 2020 08:39

You will need to update the def files of your skin.

As new ets2 update brakes up your truck in many parts instead of one big painting canvas.

What did truck did you paint (... = truck)?
Go to def/vehicle/truck/..../paint_job

Make sure def files of your skin, show the same acc lines as the base game.

It might work, it might you need to reskin a few elements

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