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[New] EuroCombi (25.25m) Traffic Mods

Posted: 27 Nov 2018 21:41
by mizterkewl
Hello, I'm steve and i been doing ets for a number of years. In that span of time i started learning about how to code parameters in the time by burring my head in forums and reading how others modded the game. I'm a huge fan of traffic diversity and one thing that was always missing was Mega Trucks aka EuroCombi. So i did alot of research and i found authors that have done it already before left out some minor details that will bring this set of trucks up to real life. So I dubbed this project EuroCombi trucks (25.25m) and its just a collection of mods i found that may have been over looked. Some are intact as the author left it and some i modified to be used in the current Version of the game.

Type A & Type B Doubles in Traffic

This mod I found deep within the SCS forum made brilliantly by Mr Larrington/cipinho . Unfortunately it never got a topic of its own until now. No changes were needed as everything is as current to real life as i researched. ... 1mFekN62yy ... qlj-Q46aTv ... c.scs/file

Traffic rules for these doubles have been added by cipinho including their restricted speed limits.

Tandem Doubles (25.25m)

This mod was originally done by Solaris36 with AI Tandem Doubles. I deleted all other tandems and kept the 25.25m versions and ported over the traffic rules from cipinho. I also restricted them to only EU approved countries. ... -GdTOZM1bD ... 0.scs/file

Thats all for now. I do want to get the Vak tandems and 19m trailers by kast into traffic but will take some time to get that done.

Re: [New] EuroCombi (25.25m) Traffic Mods

Posted: 18 Dec 2018 01:58
by Mr Larrington
The Mutliple Trailers in Traffic mods now have their own thread on the SCS forum (since yesterday): I had to update the ETS2 version earlier this evening as the update to v1.33.2.19 broke the mod. Latest version is at Multiple_Trailers_in_Traffic_v3.1.1.7z - 31.2 MB, containing mods for both ETS2 and ATS.

Re: [New] EuroCombi (25.25m) Traffic Mods

Posted: 22 Mar 2019 10:49
by Goips
I heard that the EU countries have again updated the rules of the road, have you heard about this?

Re: [New] EuroCombi (25.25m) Traffic Mods

Posted: 31 Mar 2019 07:26
by mizterkewl
nope what are the new rules