Help identifying a car trailer spawning in game

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05 Feb 2020 19:29

So, ive been trying to find a car AI trailer in the def files that spawns too often in-game ->
ets2_20200117_145811_00.jpg (188.05 KiB) Viewed 1560 times
I had no success. I wanted to reduce the spawn ratio or remove it directly from the game (if i have no other option) but im completely lost about where i should look, or where is this trailer located. I looked in all the traffic files i could find, but no luck. Seeing this thing spawns every five - ten seconds is starting to be really annoying, and completely unrealistic (because also there is only one variant of this trailer lol).

Any ideas? anyone knows where is it located? i already checked in a clean profile that this trailer is from the base game, and the spawn rate increases A LOT in the moment promods is installed (probably promods is spawning as well the same one).

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07 Feb 2020 15:33

You must add this Value to all hook Vehicles definitions : "spawn_ratio: 0.50" . This reduce the amount to half.
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07 Feb 2020 17:17

Yeah i know about the spawn ratio parameter, what i dont have clue about is where to find those hook vehicle definitions....
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09 Feb 2020 16:21

OK, so i kinda found it. The caravan ontour is the one, located in the vehicle/ai folder (i think). It had 8,6 in the spawn ratio... so i changed it to 0,01...

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