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15 Nov 2018 15:20

BebeMischa wrote:
14 Nov 2018 23:46

Sound mods
Graphic mods
AI mods
Cargo mods
Truck accesories mods
Truck mods
Map mods
I am sorry if I am not really replying regarding the topic at hand, but when I saw this, I wondered about the mod order. In my case I use the graphics mods directly above the maps, so it would rather be the second "category" from the bottom of the Mod Manager. How come yours is so different ?

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15 Nov 2018 18:10

After almost 6 years and near million kilometers it just rest on experience, i think. It's the way i do it, and it allways works... ;-)
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04 Dec 2018 19:27

I am using all Jazzycats Europe Ai Packages except the Russian one. Where is best to have them in the load order above Promods and Promods TCP or Below?

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04 Dec 2018 19:43

put it above ProMods and TCP.

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04 Dec 2018 20:16

Thanks for the answer
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08 Dec 2018 12:33

I have problem with jazzycat mods on 1.33. On 1.32 everything was be ok. I use his pack and db creation traffic mod. I see police cars from other countries example English Police vehicle in norway etc... Game log : https://megawrzuta.pl/download/39eaff4b ... f47c0.html

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09 Dec 2018 22:34

Are new stock AI cars included in jazzycat packs ? Because the older AI cars like Astra, Skodas, Renault Fluence etc. are included in def files and there is a possibility to edit spawning frequency of them. But since Bella Italia addon, the newest Jazzycat's releases lack stock AI cars in def files (no jeep renegade, no ladas, no audi 80, etc.). How can I edit spawning frequency of particular stock scs AI cars ?

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10 Dec 2018 10:54

you can extract original ets2 def file and make own mod...
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03 Mar 2019 11:12

JazzyCat makes awesome trailer and traffic mods. I'm sure without his mods I wouldn't play ETS2 (that long) because after a certain amount of time all this Vanilla stuff will become dull and boring. This also applies to PM and many other modders of course. :)

I really would like to donate and say 'thank you for all this hard work' but there is no possibility for me. You can create a premium account for ShareMods but the only payment method is via credit card which I don't own. There is also WebMoney but I don't trust this kind of payment systems.

I hope JazzyCat reads this and opens a PayPal account :mrgreen:

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20 Mar 2019 10:52

Jazzycat’s AI and trailer mods are really making the game better. I see something new every time.
However, I have a question...
Has anyone seen ALL (more than 300) of his AI cars?
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