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01 Jul 2019 19:41

I have that "fix" installed. That's what first came up when I googled about this issue.
The fix doesn't help one bit, though.

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01 Jul 2019 20:42

then wrong load order..
better paste game log.. in pastebin link
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03 Jul 2019 19:59

This is the game log from when I last played:

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03 Jul 2019 20:14

Use this load order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNvxoqQcbS0&t=116s disable maps you don't wish to use. :)
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04 Jul 2019 20:07

Hello guys, I take this subject, to contact Jazzycat, I suposse he reads this topic, since it is he who creates it I supose ^^

So here I would like to ask a question to Jazzycat, would it be possible for you, with the new MAJ SCS, to pass your Michieletto and Fliegl Log trailers into a double hunt duplicate? to see in triple? a can like SCS does it with it's basic trailers ....

Because it's very cool to use their trailers ect double but the cargo is not really top, not much choice, while your Fliegl I love the proposed loading ^^

Thank you for your possible answers, friendship Ludo.

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04 Jul 2019 21:42

Jazzycat did not create this topic, and I do not think he frequents this forum.
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04 Jul 2019 22:36

Thank you for the info, definitely he really unreachable this MR ^^

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06 Jul 2019 16:00

love it !, i think thumps up for the guy, i use almost all his packs and they are great.

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BebeMischa wrote:
15 Nov 2018 18:10
After almost 6 years and near million kilometers it just rest on experience, i think. It's the way i do it, and it allways works... ;-)
1 year 1 million KM`s , XD!

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10 Jul 2019 23:57

As we say in Holland, there always will be a boss above a boss :-)
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12 Jul 2019 22:48

Does anyone have advice on the Trailers & Cargo pack by Jazzycat?
I've always enjoyed using this mod, but since updating all my mods to 1.35 compatibility, it seems like something is wrong.
When I go to the job market, the trailers are all standard. All Kaarfor operated trailers are simple Kaarfor ones, same with Eurogoodies and every other company.
And yes, when I accept the job and go pick up the trailer I can adjust the trailer by clicking on the cogwheel, but then it's just variants of the same trailer. Just the cooled one, non cooled one, etc. The only different one I can pick is the Schwarzmüller trailer because I have that DLC installed.
Before updating everything to 1.35 I had the 1.34 compatible trailer & cargo pack and it seemed to work. All the real company trailers were there. For example I remember one time driving a trailer with Warsteiner beer logos on it.
I still have the same load order now as I did with 1.34, so I'm a bit baffled.
I also already slept twice in-game to advance the time by multiple hours so the job market got updated, but to no avail.

Does anyone recognize this problem and knows how to fix it?

Edit: Even all the AI trucks drive around with the standard trailers. So clearly there's something wrong or the mod isn't working properly. I have no idea how to fix this myself. I'm totally clueless :(

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