Radio Stations for Promods 2.1 + RusMap 1.6.3

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02 Nov 2016 19:16

Great work. I will add these to my current list!

I've had a very hard time adding stations to the game. For some reason they don't play and will skip to the next. I've tried going through tutorials on YouTube adding stations from a separate database with no luck. Here are the two that I'm trying to get to work. ... sports-hub


If anyone knows how to get these to work, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!


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03 Nov 2016 10:02

Finland's and Norway's radio stations are not working
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03 Nov 2016 18:39

There's a great mod that has 500 stations for ETS2 that might have some in there. I don't typically listen to stations from those countries but try searching this out. Some might work. It's better than relying on the default in game selection.


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13 Nov 2016 21:10

Any update on this mod?

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06 Dec 2016 22:29

I can contribute as well with my list of radio stations (Since i'm italian, my list will cover the italian part of this mod.)

Inside this topic you can find the edited live_streams. Inside that file you will find the italian radios. Rename or overwrite the current file inside the Euro Truck Simulator folder in your documents and you will be ready to go. I can also accept requests for adding more stations as well if the original author of this mod won't continue.

Italian Radios

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28 May 2017 02:50

Hello there :-)
Why that way? Finding the channels will take a lot of time. I today use a software that incorporates some patches in ETS2 and ATS!

It works like if you drive on the road, the radio channels are the closest ones. !

And believe me ... It works and you're happy with it :-)

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27 Jul 2017 16:17

Sounds great I'm going to download this immediately!
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