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18 Oct 2016 21:47

Olá !
Estou a procura de um aplicativo para instalar no COMPUTADOR (não é no celular Android) para registrar automaticamente viagens e a telemetria do ETS2.

No Brasil existe o site que já tem este aplicativo. Ele faz o ranking das empresas VIRTUAIS em mapas OFF-LINE e ON-LINE.

Infelizmente o site está "pensando" em alterar o aplicativo SOMENTE para utilização do ETS2 na situação ON-LINE, ou seja, utilizando o MP, a qual não é possívell utilizar o mod de mapas, ou seja, não poderemos mais utilizar o mapa ProMods.

PERGUNTA: alguém conhece um site (que não seja o citado acima) onde podemos registrar AUTOMATICAMENTE as nossas viagens no ETS2 ??

Me disseram que, ANTIGAMENTE, o site TLES tinha um aplicativo que fazia este tipo de registros automaticamente.

ALGUÉM conhece um aplicativo (brasileiro ou não) que faz isto ??

Muito obrigado.

Jacy Júnior
Brasil - motorista virtual da empresa Maverick
Hello !
I am looking for an application to install on COMPUTER (not the Android phone) to automatically register the travel and telemetry ETS2.

In Brazil there is the site that already have this application. He is the ranking of the companies in VIRTUAL maps OFF-LINE and ON-LINE.

Unfortunately the website is "thinking" to change the ONLY application to use the ETS2 ON-LINE situation, ie using the MP, which is not possívell use the mod maps, that is, we can no longer use the ProMods map .

QUESTION: does anyone know a website (other than cited above) where we can register AUTOMATICALLY our travels in ETS2 ??

I was told that in the past, the TLE site had an application that made this type of records automatically.

Someone knows a (Brazilian or not) application that does this ??

Thank you very much.

Jacy Júnior
Brazil - Virtual Driver Maverick company

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28 Oct 2016 19:51 try this one it has people from all over the world.
This also has support for all modded maps.

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01 Jan 2017 08:18

Nice! Wanted something like this for awhile also. I always hated having to punch in stuff manually for trips.

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26 Feb 2017 09:54

Use Trucksbook
It´s a very good software

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26 Feb 2017 10:59

legendskills wrote: try this one it has people from all over the world.
This also has support for all modded maps.
As per Info from the scs-forum, is dead and tour-o-matic was in Corporation with them but now they Took all. Tour-o-matic is the longer living project.
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