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Request for a note pad

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01 Nov 2016 22:54

I wonder if there is any mod/pack/extension for note pad or for a post it. I want to write notes on it and post it on my truck's window. Or something like that. Instead of using navigation, I want to take my notes, write them down and want follow them while driving. Is it possible to make? Are there anything like that?
Not sure if this topic on right section. Thank you
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02 Nov 2016 01:31

You won't be able to achieve that with a mod. It'd have to be hardcoded into the game.
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02 Nov 2016 05:30

There is a way. In SISL pack; you can put your photo on a picture holder in truck BUT you have to change file and restart your game every time you want to change.

Maybe same thing could be done for notes. Or you can try it wiht your note as a picture. Talk Selçuk İslamoğlu for more info.

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