Animated gates in companies (works with all map mods)

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11 Apr 2017 14:16

This is a MUST have mod if your looking to make companies a bit more realistic? Well this is the mod for you. ... humi-1-27/

The author who made this mod is on the Page itself :D
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29 Jun 2017 18:43

I tried this mod once. The idea is great but i found a few problems. The gates closed when my load was half way through it giving a lot of damage, there is a invisible barrier while the gate is moving, it could change the colour of the gate to tell you its safe to pass or make some sound, and sometimes it didnt detectmy truck and didnt opened and i was almost touching it, needed to try a different angle to work. The closing in the middle of the way is weird as i never had problems with toll gates.
Easy way to fix it is to make them non contact.

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