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04 Feb 2018 09:46

matzede wrote:
31 Jan 2018 23:37
Claus62 wrote:
17 Jul 2017 15:01
If you open your save-game (after having duly decrypted it) you will see that each driver is assigned a unique number from driver.1 to - if you search and replace for instance driver.111 by driver.566 (out of the range of the original limit or the 494 mod) the original driver (driver.111) reappears in the job office and can be rehired - the clone however loses its photo and you have the same name twice - apart from that I haven't found any problem. I've got now 1540 drivers (that is each garage in ProMods, RusMap and Southern Map filled) - except for a noticeable lag when the game autosaves I don't notice any problems. And with an average weekly profit of 53.000.000 € all seem to work normally.
can you explain it in german or in pictures?
i have decrypted, i have open and i see and i Substitute this with Driver.600 or more.... in game.... nothing.... no new Drivers in the Job Office.... what am I doing wrong? sorry... my english...

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Hi Matzede.

There is a portuguese Mod in Steamworkshops you could use ... earchtext=.
It works properly in ETS2 1.30.


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