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07 Jul 2017 22:22

Hello there :-)
I probably like most of you'r all, I'm play seriously and go for special mods that can change the standard to realistic games.
my question is..
In the ets2 game files there is a place with Notepad ++ you can change the game clock so the time does not go so fast !! ! ? Seemed it's going fast !!

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08 Jul 2017 00:08

The clock is stuck to the map scale set in the map editor.
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08 Jul 2017 00:33

Well I know how you can speed up time.. with the warp mode command. Warp 1 = standard time.. Warp 2 = double time.. etc
I don't think you can set warp to 0.5 (or anything less than 1)..
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08 Jul 2017 22:07

It doesn't speed up only the time. It speeds up everything so it's not a good idea in this case.
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