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26 Dec 2017 13:11

Hello guys,
I recently downloaded a few car mods for 1.30 and need some help with them. On the older version, I had multiple car mods installed at the same time and they were working together. Right now, I can only use/see one car at the time, you know - they're all instaled, all with a green light and only one on top of the list is working. Any solution?

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27 Dec 2017 22:34

What are the names of the mods?

Are they all compatible with 1.30 (according to the creators)?

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29 Dec 2017 02:02

It's these 4 i got installed right now. Checked w/o the last one(BMW) because it says nothing about 1.30 and nothing changed. Ofc, according to creators rest of them is compatible with 1.30.

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29 Dec 2017 18:51

Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a very very nice car mod indeed, I've never had such a mod installed before and what do you know, now I can't drive on the roads without it. :D

It reminds me of a similar car from Alfa Romeo, reviewed by one of the Holy Trinity comprised of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Anyway, back to topic now. ;)

The second most desired car mod is of course the Renault Megane, it's almost perfectly crafted, yet feels a bit too fast when applying the breaks. Nevermind, it's difficult to use the correct physics for cars as they are fundamentally different than trucks.

Would like also to point out two more car mods rarely used in my opinion by others in the community, the VW Golf MK6 and the Nissan Qashqai 2010 also on

Have tested both of them and was simply blown away by their car physics, of course in my opinion there's really no perfect car from any of the car manufacturers, just safer and more reliable now in the present than their past counterparts. 8-)

Edit : not all of the car mods are standalone, sometimes they depend upon other mods as well. ;)

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