Which mods are compatible with MP Promods server?

Other mods that don't fit in any other category
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Tony Tiger
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27 Apr 2020 23:53

Hello! Im enjoying the trucker life on the TruckersMP Promods server. However I've been wanting to update the graphics for my game
but people told me you'll get banned for adding mods.. So I just want to find out if that is true or if there are actual mods that you are
allowed to use on there? Is this something someone here can answer?

For me its mainly just visual mods, like the Grimes Spring Weather Mod, Naturalux and ProjectNG.

I just want to check which are OK and which arent. Thank you kindly for your time. - TT

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28 Apr 2020 12:33

Mods won't be loaded on TMP.
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Tony Tiger
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29 Apr 2020 00:29

So you mean the mods will not work for me alone? Man that is such a bummer >.<.

I hope they can somehow fix it so that you may use it for yaself online aswell. It does so much for the gameplay.

Thanks for the quick answer @Vøytek.
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