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Re: Car mods

Posted: 03 Jan 2016 08:27
by KrysEmlyn
I've tried a few of the sprinter vans. The one that I liked replaced all the tires and rims on all of the player-controlled trucks (personal truck or what you assign to your other drivers, the AI trucks were fine) so it got uninstalled rather quickly. If there was one that wouldn't do that, it would be nice.Seems that the mod authors don't care too much that their stuff replaces the existing stuff in the game. I'd like to have the choice of swapping between the van and my normal truck from time to time.

It would also be nice if these mod sites that carry the mods would have better descriptions of the mods themselves, ie do the wheels, tires, accessories, etc. replace the default player selectable items or not. Most just seem to have some links to the files, and once downloaded the readme files are also less than helpful in regards to detailing how the mods work. The readmes all seem to be just credits files as to who did the work and not much else.

Re: [DISCUSSION] Car mods

Posted: 26 Sep 2016 10:18
by xela1961
I am interested in a good car & bus mode for v.25... for transporting some people from town to town. :lol:
And to can easily drive them, not for high speed. :mrgreen:

Re: [DISCUSSION] Car mods

Posted: 26 Sep 2016 14:57
by Punkii
I have found a cool mod for the car mod user´s:
but mostly the car mods doesn´t have a trailer hook.