Sound Fixes Pack [1.35.x] [for ETS2 and ATS]

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31 Aug 2016 16:47

You could as well just disable it...
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02 Sep 2016 11:30

I like this sound fix pack (v15.7) mostly for increasing the sound of the traffic. it does not change anything on the default trucks sound and if you add other trucks just give lower priority to sound pack which should however remain above the traffic and maps mods.
Enjoy driving with Real Traffic Density for ETS2 / ATS and Real Ai traffic engine sounds ETS2 / ATS

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04 Sep 2016 11:46

The big update is here: v16.1 has been released for 1.25 open beta!

I know some want to stay on 1.24 for ProMods, so I've made a "legacy" link for the 1.24 compatible version for v16.1 of the pack. ;)

Download link in first post!

@cipinho - Thanks :)

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11 Sep 2016 09:53

Pack updated to v16.2 with the following changes:

-- Sound changes --
Finetuned one of the generic AI car sounds.
New generic AI truck/bus sounds.
Finetuned volume of calm waves. [ETS2 edition]
Very quiet cricket ambience at some Scandinavian hotels. [ETS2 edition]

-- Map zoom fixes --
Updated "With ProMods" map zoom file.

I know there's not much in this update. But quality takes time and the weeks keep flying by for me. It is a stable release. Mostly everything was tested thoroughly and is in working order. ;)
It's fully compatible with ProMods 2.11 too in case you were wondering.

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18 Sep 2016 03:57


Pack updated to v17.0 with the following changes:

-- Sound changes --
Added artificial tunnel reverberation sound for some tunnels.
Only applies to large tunnels with rotors in them in Scandinavia DLC tunnels and standard default tunnels. [ETS2 edition]

Added restaurant ambience and some grilling/sizzling ambience to McDonald's and Burger King.
Applies to all map mods with McDonald's and/or Burger King delivery points, including:
* Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme [ATS edition]
* MHAPro map ATS [ATS edition]
* MHAPro map EU [ETS2 edition]
* ProMods [ETS2 edition]

Full compatibility with version 4.8 and above for Early and Late Autumn Weather mod by Grimes.
New load order image has been included for this combination.
(Autumn mod should have higher priority than the Sound Fixes Pack). [ETS2 edition]

Lowered all bird volumes. Now inaudible in the cabin interior when driving.
Finetuned suspension sounds. Some sounds replaced.
Finetuned interior gravel sounds.
Some gear grinding sounds replaced. Some reduced to lower volume.
JL Truck motorbike AI sound definitions up to date. [ETS2 edition]
New 400hp engine sound added to array for default Scania trucks in AI traffic. [ETS2 edition]

-- Open truck window optional addon --
All external bird environment sounds lowered almost completely. This is to prevent hearing many bird sounds when driving with the window open.
Sounds that are applied to movers (e.g. eagles, trains, hot air balloons, etc.) will still be at normal volume.

-- Low air warning sound optional addons --
Lowered Volvo low air warning sound volume.

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25 Sep 2016 06:42

Pack updated to v17.1 with the following changes:

New Scania V8 sound and horn added to array for standard Scania AI traffic trucks. [ETS2 edition]
Added engine sound for Russian UAZ police car. [ETS2 edition]
Lowered volume of some gravel sounds.
Added Kenworth K100 engine sound for Jazzycat's American Truck Traffic Pack (ETS2 + ATS packs).

Added some Scania P engine and horn sounds for Jazzycat's Truck Traffic Pack for some Scania P trucks.
V8 engine sounds are not available for the Scania P AI Traffic trucks. [ETS2 edition]
Added fire truck air horn for Scania P fire truck. [ETS2 edition]

Increased volume of some AI truck sounds.
Lowered volume of McDonald's delivery point ambience.

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02 Oct 2016 07:40

Pack updated to v17.2 with the following changes:

UK and Belgium police car bullhorns added for UK and Belgium police cars in Jazzycat's AI Traffic Pack. No longer using standard horns. [ETS2 edition]
Fixed bug with UAZ engine sound definition. [ETS2 edition]
Russian police siren for UAZ Russian police car horn in Russian Traffic Pack by Jazzycat. [ETS2 edition]
Extended and reworked farm ambience. [ETS2 edition]
Extended hot air balloon sound range.
Reworked Scandinavian passenger/speed train sound for Scandinavia DLC trains. [ETS2 edition]

v17.2 for ATS is also available but it has very minor changes and nothing significantly new. Just a heads up if you have a slow download connection or can't be bothered. ;)

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03 Oct 2016 10:19

I like the traffic & tire sound. Under 40 the engine purrs quietly... can't hear him... I tried only v.17.1.

Thanks for your work. Reality is closer day by day.

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03 Oct 2016 11:34

Hi Drive Safely,

thank you for the update. Please tell me: how can I disable the lowered bird sounds (I like the birds...) and the lowered sounds on PR area as well?

best regards
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03 Oct 2016 19:01

@Frachti - You can make a mod that increases the forest volumes in def/ext_sound_config.sui. The number before the sound path is the volume. As for the PR sounds, you would have to do it manually.

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