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Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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01 Feb 2016 13:07

From the list above
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01 Feb 2016 13:31

It's the same truck I drive in ProMods. ;) I mean ETS 2. :lol:

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02 Feb 2016 18:44

ATS is out on Steam, at least for France :o

Is it 1 day earlier than planned or i'm just a fool ?

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02 Feb 2016 18:48


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02 Feb 2016 18:49

Yes, it is one day earlier. They simply didn't want to keep up their release team until 4 am, if they would have released it at midnight :D So, good for us...

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03 Feb 2016 06:30

Yep it was a surprise to get it a day early :) it did not have time yesterday to play but i have bought and installed it and configured the controls etc so it is ready and set for tonight, (must say the price asked is very fair i think, 20e is cheap for a a game i think, so there is defenitivley room for buying a bunch of paied DLCs later on ) :) so it will be a massive motor event later today, first im going to pickup my IRL car from Ditec conservation and drive home for some virtual trucking :)

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09 Feb 2016 01:48

I have some things I would like to see in ATS, that being the Outer Banks in N. Carolina and more custom intersections. The reason I want to see the Outer Banks in the future of ATS is because it's, in my opinion, a beautiful place to visit. I love how it's right on the coast plus the houses there are gigantic. Now I want to talk about custom intersections, and they need to be in the game more often because it adds a lot more realism. I'm a bit annoyed of driving over the same intersections most of the time but we'll have to wait and see :P

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