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08 Feb 2016 08:30

Martinus Kundla wrote:I haven't played it, but the opinions here are a strong factor why i'm not playing it.
Also, this:

Coast-to-coast in ATS (San Francisco-New York) (IRL: 42h) would take 1h 18min to drive.
Northernmost-to-southernmost in ETS2 (Napapiiri-Andorra la Vella) (IRL: 47h) would take 2h 30min to drive.
Well i can't agree with you
The 2 routes will take you to drive 4h+ at least
I made 4200 km from Debrecen to Aberdeen will a large avoid of the standard route and it took me 5h :)

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08 Feb 2016 09:33

Roudou wrote:It's only a game guys (...). At the moment, i've seen a game with a lot of potential. From the point of view of a little froggie who never been in the US, it's beautifull and maybe full of clichés, but i like it. Like those things crossing the road in the desert like in western movies. The thing i like too is the night environment in cities, looks better than ETS2 for me. (...)
I am the same opinion.

I do understand the people who are a little bit disappointed about the map scale. At the first time when I read it, I doubt also about the game.
But after I played the game since the last days I find it is not so bad that the distances between the cities are not so big. Especially in the future if it is possible to drive from the west to the east coast, I think you could be very thankful about the scale of the ATS.
It is an experience to drive through the states and because of the american looking of the buildings and the scenery and the fact that the environment is varied, the game is not boring for me and because of these I get the feeling, more time is past than it is in real.

The game looks very realistic ... and it is only a game.
Maybe the game expanse in a distance future more in the north to Canada or the south to Mexico, the game would be so big, that longer distances between the US cities would be annoying, I think.

I enjoy the game and I am looking forward to the next DLC's.
And if I like another scale between the cities, I play the ProMods version of ETS2 ...

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08 Feb 2016 10:55

My route durations were simply based on calculations. Although the speeds will differ, the fact that such a small scale was used makes it feel like the Hungary map, with extremely small distances between cities.
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08 Feb 2016 12:40

The shoulders are also wonky in the game compared to reality. Here is the spec for freeways:
Minimum outside paved shoulder width of 10 feet (3.0 m) and inside shoulder width of 4 feet (1.2 m). With three or more lanes in each direction, the inside paved shoulder should be at least 10 feet (3.0 m) wide. If truck traffic is over 250 Directional Design Hour Volume, shoulders at least 12 feet (3.7 m) wide should be considered. In mountainous terrain, 8 feet (2.4 m) outside and 4 feet (1.2 m) inside shoulders are acceptable, except when there are at least four lanes in each direction, in which case the inside shoulders should also be 8 feet (2.4 m) wide.

The near complete lack of inner shoulders helps ruin the realism aspect for me.

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08 Feb 2016 21:15

That's not a problem specific to ATS, it is missing in ETS2 as well. And indeed it is very annoying, same goes for these darn road lines. However, SCS did add inner shoulders to their new "standard" interchange and used correct lines in some places... but for some reason couldn't be bothered to fix the lines on the highways?
Luckily there are mods for that...
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09 Feb 2016 01:06

Ostpuff, I am glad you mentioned the lack of inter shoulder in ETS 2. Until now I just assumed that Europe did not have them on their roads. :oops:

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10 Feb 2016 20:38

I have two more questions about ATS and reality. I drove from Los Angeles to east but i didnt find Route 66. Is it the route in the game?
Why all cars and truck have blinker red lights ? It`s just in game or it`s real?

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10 Feb 2016 21:24

It's real, that's why there are homologisation problems in Europe with imported vehicles.
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11 Feb 2016 07:44

Changing the red US blinkers to orange EU blinkers isn't necessary for NL. In NL by law, rear blinkers need to be either red or amber. The front blinkers need to be amber or white. Side blinkers only are only allowed to be amber.

Vehicle Regulations, Article 2.5.53 ... 16-01-2014 (Dutch)
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11 Feb 2016 08:38

In France blinkers must be orange, and in an independent light bulb. That is the problem with imported cars from the States as its have the same bulb for blinker and an another light (stop light i think).

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