[WIP] The full real-life ATS 1.36.x Map

Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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20 Mar 2020 14:31

My maps don't have a license, so feel free to use it :)

Some of you may think. Is the map dead?

No it isn't!

It's just being updated.
I found that Google MyMaps only supports up to 10 layers... Which obviously isn't enough...

So I'm moving the map to a new host. But that'll take some time.

But the map will return, updated and better then before!

The map is back!
In a new and better way.
For this new map I use uMap. It's even easier to use then Google MyMaps is. And you can put more stuff in it!

Hope you guys like the new map :)
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20 Mar 2020 19:38

Where do you get you're map? Where to download it?

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23 Mar 2020 06:15

amazing work. love the work you have put in to this, because of this map i now play Ats with no sat nav. just like me and the old man use to do when travelling around. thank you,

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