ProMods for ATS

Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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23 Apr 2016 04:43

mpiwowski wrote:The best for me If would be the world map for ETS2/ATS :D . I think about each continent. :D It would be amazing. You can drive around the world. :)

Because the best in this game is exploring the world and different style out of Europe and America could be really really good. :D'

as first close europe map then n. america. but please after this 2 continents maybe you can do for example Asia (it's amazing continent and we can conect it with the Europe map. :D
In your dream...

Both PM and SCS work slowly. I am not saying this to bash them. This is a fact - both groups take so much time to produce something. Let alone two continents, we won't even have one in next 2 years. North America is huge, forget about this already. Implementations in Europe have been going on but very slowly.

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23 Apr 2016 06:22

Well, everyone perceives progress differently. dreams are something we all work hard to accomplish, weather they take long slow steps or quick fast ones we all hope to reach the pot of gold eventually.

Personally, I don't think I'd be taking the trip across the pond much, It would be too much opening and closing of programs, which sounds tedious. Though some will be okay with doing that.

In my mind there is no rush to create a work of art. understanding that people do want to see progress happen and go through new places, the time put into that work makes things all that much better to see when its complete. I think this mod team has done a very proficient job at maintaining a quality modification and implementing impressive detail into a fairly limited playing space, considering how big things are in real life the attention to detail is very apparent in everywhere you drive. I'd say as slow as things are to be pushed out its worth the wait. I'm not in any hurry to see everything done right now. Take your time, let the creativity take you where it leads you.

Same with SCS really its hard for us to sit and wait for things to be done in this day in age, really patience is a virtue in this case. They do have lots to accomplish with such small resources, even when they have doubled down on it by creating two separate games to maintain at the same time. We can all imagine what things might be like if they did have a huge pool of resources to work with, then again the game might just end up being like another Call of Duty type thing where they only do cosmetic changes with every new game iteration, not using resources to improve the game very much.

just my two cents

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27 Apr 2016 09:05

I wonder a thing,

Which level of "realistic map" are we talking about on Promod ATS? I know it will take years to develop but I wonder what we will see in the future.

Shall we see all "I" and "US" highways? Or only major roads? ... ghways.jpg

Shall we see wide 10 lane interstates or 2 lane basic roads like vanilla map? ... adPicN.jpg

Shall we see this kind of complex interchanges or simpler roads? ... h_Five.jpg
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27 Apr 2016 16:28

ATS is great game with great perspectives. ProMods must be intersected with this game for sure.

Unfortunately in Russia (and other places) it's unjustified expensive...

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29 Apr 2016 14:37

ron_Lq wrote:ATS is great game with great perspectives. ProMods must be intersected with this game for sure.

Unfortunately in Russia (and other places) it's unjustified expensive...
It's expensive for us, too. Basically unless you earn in EUR or USD, it's gonna be expensive...

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12 Jul 2016 20:05

If they do ATS ProMods, I'd love to see:

1. Unadded USA States (including AK and HI)
2. Canada
3. Mexico
4. Central America
5. South America

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12 Sep 2016 00:22

Volleybal4life wrote:Also don't use colors in your messages again ;)
Then remove the "Font Color" option. I think that would be sort of common sense. Otherwise don't make that stupid rule. If only Admin are allowed, make it to where only Admin can see the Font Color option. I know there is a website plugin for that with Simple Machines, I don't know about phpBB.

Seems like every time I come here, some person is getting yelled at for using color font. I don't think anyone should get in trouble for using color font, especially when the option to do so is readily available.

Sorry for getting off topic, but stupid rules like that seem stupid and controlling, and I get angry every time I see it.

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12 Sep 2016 00:46

So, what's the point of your post? I'm here for a long time and that's the first time I see such post from our moderator, and only because you put it in a quote. Then I found it. It was more than half a year ago... And check what's written in post above, that mod note - "Please do not use unreadable colors in your message". So that guy was maybe doing something like that ;)
If you read our forum rules, you won't find anything about using colors there :)

So, your post doesn't makes sense, sorry to say that.
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