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Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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20 Feb 2016 07:49

I have already discovered all cities and about 78 % of roads in just 20 hours of playing :cry:

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20 Feb 2016 09:31

So have I...and the cruise-control is not worth activating :lol:

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20 Feb 2016 10:07

I have been to the States a couple of times, and I do think that SCS made a big mistake with the scale.

I really thought they would keep the same scale as ET2, like most of you. This new scale makes the map much, much smaller, which is quite ironic for the US. Quick example: California is supposed to be as large as Germany and the Netherlands combined.

The other problem has aldready been mentioned: cities are usually distant from each other. I have never been to California or Nevada, but went to Washington State, Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama (among others). You don't have big cities every mile. This system of "back-to-back" cities might work for Los Angeles area and that huge "Boston - New York - Philadelphia - Baltimore - Washington DC" megalopolis, but it's not working at all for the Midwest or the Deep South.

For the rest of the country, you usually have to drive quite a bit to reach the next big town. For example, if you drive from Atlanta to Savannah, you won't have any decent-sized town for 250 miles (except maybe Macon). It's long, but that's the US: it's a large country, and the distances are quite large. Oh, and don't make me start on Canada: the main highway from Bangor (Maine) to the Canadian border is 150 miles with only forests (and moose). I just think it would be weird to drive this distance in less than 5 minutes in the game.

My only concern is the fact that the mod would be a completely standalone game, not compatible with default ATS because of this different scaling system. However, it would bring a much more authentic experience. And hopefully you guys would be able to fix a lot of mistakes: I'm still sad not to be able to see San Francisco's skyline from the Golden Gate Bridge. And Los Angeles highway system just looks really simple compared to real life.

So, to sum things up, it's sad that SCS created the American map with a European vision. I hope you won't do the same mistake. Too bad I'm neither American nor Canadian to apply. But I respect your decision on this.

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20 Feb 2016 10:21

If you meant the modding, the nationality is not important, we want the people who are dedicated to the Americas.
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03 Mar 2016 02:24

I can't wait to see the ProMods for ATS :D

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09 Mar 2016 13:13

Peterson wrote:Does ATS really need Promods treatment? It was unbelievably well made, even I was surprised.
Promods never needs to treat SCS products.
But they have a different light on the game. And are not restricted with license and things...
ETS2 vanilla + official DLC's was awesome on its own. But Promods took it to another level.
So yes, I would love Promods to get into ATS. They have shown us what they are capable of with ETS2. And everybody liked it.
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10 Mar 2016 00:52

Peterson wrote:Does ATS really need Promods treatment? It was unbelievably well made, even I was surprised.
You can't be serious

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10 Mar 2016 09:16

I think the problem of the scale is already becoming apparent. Even in the Southwest, where cities are pretty spread out, everything is clumped together. In real life, it is a two hour drive from San Diego to Los Angeles along the coast through several other large towns as well as the massive Camp Pendleton military base. In the game, San Diego is a suburb of LA. What happens with the entire East Coast? Not just the Northeast, but from Miami all the way through Boston is going to have to be nonstop urban area just to fit in the major cities.

I understand that an incredibly long empty section of interstate highway would be boring, but there should be enough highway that you can actually cruise. The experience of long distance driving in America is about getting out on the open road and cruising. Not constantly bouncing into towns and having to navigate through side streets.

And there are some things that really need work on the map either way. Interstate highways don't just turn into surface roads in towns, and the constant speedlimit changes are just abusive.


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10 Mar 2016 14:00

1/19 Scale will not be perfect in Eastern USA, but better than 1/30's atleast.
"Same as in Europe"

The Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, corridor will be troublesome even in 1/19, I suspect.
Baltimore - Philadelphia itself should be ok. But with W and NY on the outsides, not so much.
So I would like to see a ProMods 1/19 Treatment of Northern America.
Altho I would still have a profile for the unmodded game too, as I have for ETS2.
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10 Mar 2016 21:05

I don't think the 1/19 scale would be a problem in the Northeast. Sure, you'd pretty much roll from one city right into the next, but that's pretty much how it is in real life.

The problem is that at the 1/30 scale, you're already rolling from one city right into the next in what is supposed to be a pretty spread out area.

American driving is stereotypically known as the "joy of the open road". You never really get to do that in ATS, even in the desert, since the next city is just 5 minutes away.


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