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15 Mar 2016 06:10

I didn't like that they didn't even bother removing the palm trees from new York city
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15 Mar 2016 15:20

Hey, is promods gonna be working on the ats maps?

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15 Mar 2016 17:01

Look at the sticky topic in this forum section :)
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15 Mar 2016 18:30

I am using and doing some editing on Mantrid's coast to coast map. It"s a long drive regardless of the scale......It is a long drive. :shock:

As far as assets go...Like palm trees in NYC...He is using the assets at hand and importing some from ETS2.

I think Mantrid has done a great job and it's a pleasure for me to help out in anyway I can. ;)
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15 Mar 2016 19:42

Mantrid's coast to coast map, I think the cities are sort of placeholders atm.
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16 Mar 2016 03:59

No lies, i've played with the idea of creating a "going north" type of map, starting with the three states between Ca/NA and Canada, and then starting Canada with BC and AB then moving east after that. Biggest issue i have is that i can't get any maps loading in the map builder... soooo.... yeah.

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16 Mar 2016 06:39

North is more desirable, because it's diverse instead of endless desert.
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17 Mar 2016 00:22

Peterson wrote:North is more desirable, because it's diverse instead of endless desert.
Yeah, I kinda really wanna take my W900 through Banff and the rest of the Rockies. I think that'd be an interesting drive, especially if the map creator (maybe me if I can get things working) gets the scenery way up close to the roads like in rl.

I also would prefer to not have to use placeholder assets if I could help it. It would be amazing if I could get someone who's got talent with (insert name of asset creation kit here) to draw up the Canadian visuals.

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17 Mar 2016 13:44

I am building north now, but it's a slow process. I am learning the editor as I go.

Going through the rockies will be cool but the map scale will limit the elevation and distances.

Canadian style assets would be good as well as signs. Everything is metric here.

I will just keep building and see how it goes. ;)
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01 Apr 2016 16:42

penguinaz wrote:It took SCS 2 years to build at 1:35. It would be ridiculous for a group of modders mapping the whole US at twice the detail of SCS, but it is possible.
California in 1;19 scale would be about equal to Germany in ETS2.

I was recently planning on building the SF Bay Area (The triangle of cities formed by San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose) at a 1:3 scale. (standalone map)
I am so familiar with it that I can build the entire area without google maps

Hope to correspond to the reality of the interchange(overpass)。 :P :P :P :P :P

American highways are more spectacular :lol: :lol:

Also expect Losangeles metropolis area map。 :D :D :D :D

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