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19 Jun 2016 23:43

Actually, ScuL that isn't quite correct. when the rockside blocked 89 ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) decided to pave over a strech of road used by the Navajo Nation. They named that strech 89-T (T for temporary) 89A was still open during that incident. hwy 89 used to be more curvy back in the day and I think it was redone some 50 years ago to be more of a straight path, and to connect to Page and Glen Canyon Dam. When the new hwy 89 came into service the old portion was re-designated from US-89 to US-89A (A for Alternate) the route remains for the reasons I gave above. There is also some scattered remnants of the old 89 as you leave Grey Mountain and where it rejoins the new path at Willow Springs. https://www.google.com/maps/@35.9634986 ... !1e3?hl=en zoom on in with google earth maps overlay and you can see what I'm saying.

The lower portion of 89A is a state route only it was never part of the US-89 path. It was constructed to so you didn't have to drive all the way to Ash Fork to re-join US-89. SR-89A goes out the south end of Flagstaff, heads down into Oak Creek Canyon through Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, then turns south into up the Black Hills past Jerome, Prescott, through the Bradshaw Mountains past Yarnell and Congress and joining US-93 at its terminating point. Not many trucks dare the switchbacks in Oak Creek Canyon so that stretch is used mostly by cars. the rest of the hwy though does see truck traffic though.

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20 Jun 2016 07:22

Right, I think I got confused by 89A and 89T.. I drove the stretch from Cameron to Page on both sides (the old road before the rock slide in 2008 and the new road based on the Navajo trail in 2014)

The people at the gas station where 89 and 89T intersect were quite rude to people asking them about the de-tour signs.

I did overhear two old Navajo men speak to each other in Navajo there though which was frigging amazing.
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20 Jun 2016 09:05

The whole 89/89A/89T business confused the wossname out of me in 2014 as neither my road atlas nor satnav knew about the closure of 89 south of Page. "What is this 89-T?" I shouted repeatedly at Google Maps before finally looking it up. The satnav gave the new road a "BIA" route number once I found it on the ground.
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20 Jun 2016 21:16

It was a mess really, for people that needed to commute to and from Page. When the slide happened it cut off the only access-way there for a good 90 miles. Traffic had to go a good hour and a half down to Kayenta before the temporary road was constructed. The little hamlet where the detour to the road is, 89-T has been given back to the Navajo Nation and is now known as Indian Route 20; it also has the name Coppermine Road, known as The Gap, named for the gap in the cliffs at that location. I've been there its kind of a really sad place if you read about it, I'm sure you've seen the stray dogs there when you passed through. I've seen them every time I went through there, those poor dogs get abandoned by their owners and left at the garbage transfer station there and basically have to live life eating the scraps of food people give them. There have been reports of people seeing bones of dead dogs in the back of that Gas Station. Its really sad how the Navajo people treat their animals, travel the road to Tuba City your guaranteed to see a few dead dogs on the highways no one really ever picks up the road kill there. Most of the tribal people are kind of fearful/mistrustful of outsiders mostly white people as I guess its been taught to them by their parents or tribal leaders to be wary of a white man.

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17 Mar 2018 09:15

RoadRageDude wrote:
09 Aug 2016 18:20
Anyway, since Arizona is past released, are there gonna be modders that will make the Cars village of Radiator Springs?
Yes, ETS2-User has started this project:

Looks fantastic, I think! ;)
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