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Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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06 Jun 2016 09:46

WHO asked for the wheel nuts update? i didn't..
i hope they (SCS) will focus more on maps then on stupid details nobody wants..
once in 5 months a DLC map update isn't going to cover it.. AT ALL!

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06 Jun 2016 12:32

ATS needs more mapers as ETS2 it is unnecessary to publish now a france dlc
either reworked it all or not
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06 Jun 2016 13:20

Why is DLC France unnecessary? Keeping ETS2 up-to-date is as important as ATS is.
I agree ATS needs a bit more love right now, then ETS2 does. But still.
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06 Jun 2016 15:17

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06 Jun 2016 15:30

I think it makes no sense to work more mapers because the SCS is working on it and you can not know what the next: New Mexico, Utah, Oregon. It does not make sense to have two teams working at the same map, this is my opinion !

Edit: It would be good to get a little more quickly develop SCS :D
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06 Jun 2016 15:39

Mr Larrington wrote:There were Volvo dealers in San Francisco and Las Vegas from day 1, though you had to poke the .sii files to learn this - they weren't advertising their presence while playing. Which suggests that negotiations for Volvo (& Mack) may be happening. I imagine that if we get Freightliner we'll get Western Star as well coz they're both owned by Daimler-Benz.
I don't think so, it's the same group but two different brands, and different models. Like Volvo and Renault, at the begining of ETS2 Renault was Renault, Volvo was called Valliant. With Peterbilt, we have the exemple brands can decide if a truck model can be include or not, another complex thing to deal with.

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06 Jun 2016 16:46

Troo dat ^^^^. I only learned last week of the ownership complications of MAN and Scania and Volkswagen AG's bid for World Domination.
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07 Jun 2016 15:31

mickeyD33 wrote:WHO asked for the wheel nuts update? i didn't..
i hope they (SCS) will focus more on maps then on stupid details nobody wants..
once in 5 months a DLC map update isn't going to cover it.. AT ALL!
I agree with you on that,because it would be more fun for people who use ATS to have more states to drive then any wheel nuts things or any other crazy stuff like that.
I could and i will,use the ATS or ETS2 with out any things like that.
That is my opinion about that.


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07 Jun 2016 17:03

They have "dedicated teams". I mean, if a "team" has nothing to do, it's two or three or whatever the number of people involved, employees to pay for nothing. I can understand that, and it's akind of showing us they are listening their community (i think some people wanted wheel nuts).

But like a lot of people, i prefer to have more roads to drive on, more trucks to drive with etc... I thought with Scandinavia SCS learned about their mistakes, a too long development time, and more than that, an announcement made too early. But the recent Arizona dlc proved me i was wrong. Patience is limited, and mine is getting worse. I know SCS is a small company, maybe a good excuse, or not. I don't know.

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07 Jun 2016 18:53

If I'm not mistaken New Mexico is next. After that, who knows. But I believe that while Arizona was well built, it is still lacking in some areas. It could use improvement but it is much better than Nevada and California. That being said however, they really need to add more mappers to their team. Once France DLC is done I hope they honestly stop announcing minor DLC for ETS2 and ATS so they can work on finishing the map and then letting the modders get to work completely revamping it :lol:
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