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SCS is going to rescale the ATS map!

Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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23 Jun 2016 15:51

SCS is going to rescale the ATS map to (nearly) the same as in ETS2 - 1:20
Having said all that, perhaps the greatest number of complaints from the players of American Truck Simulator have been related to the scale of the map. Your comments are incredibly important to us, and we listen to as many as we can. As such, we had been pondering internally how to meet your feedback for several months while we finished work on the Arizona DLC, and now we have made up our mind: we are, as a free future update, going to increase the scale of the game world of American Truck Simulator.

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23 Jun 2016 16:02

That's certainly going to fix one of the two real problems with ATS (the other being lack of manufacturers). At the moment the game seems to move so fast and yet you don't seem to move all that far.

I see Santa Maria's being broken away from Oxnard. It should have been its own city from the beginning. Reno looks like it's going to be rotated the right way as well, at the moment it's rotated 45° away from how it should.

Also looks like they may be adding the reverse flow section of I-5 (the sides of the interstate switch so traffic flows like it does in the UK, Australia and Japan to exploit the lay of the land) north of Castaic too.

It's good they entertained the idea of doing this now when it'll take the least time. The tradeoff will be future DLCs will take longer to come out.
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23 Jun 2016 16:05

ooo interesting

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23 Jun 2016 16:16

This is the best message of SCS since they first announced ATS and the rescale will definitely also be the best for SCS. They won't get that easily into scale issues on the East Coast and the fanbase will be likely to grow more with a better scale and hopefully, they will also spend the next months until they release the rescale to get more licenses of more manufacturers.

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23 Jun 2016 16:50

Sounds good :)
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23 Jun 2016 17:09

This is the first time I have been genuinely excited about an ATS update since it came out :o HYPE TRAIN A GO GO!
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23 Jun 2016 18:02

Also, New Mexico is looking like the next DLC. This is the second time roads in New Mexico have appeared in an official map/image.
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23 Jun 2016 18:15

If it will revive multiplayer, well, then I'm in.
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23 Jun 2016 18:27

I was surprised to see this move from SCS. In fact, they wouldn't map more states, instead they rescale the current map, for free. Not bad.
Also, multiplayer sucks :lol:

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23 Jun 2016 18:39

I was happy to read this after waking up. Im more excited for this than the 389 update(one of my favorite trucks)
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