SCS is going to rescale the ATS map!

Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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24 Jun 2016 17:44

This is just awesome! Not alot of companies would rewrite their whole game just because the fan base points someting out.
I for one has been put off the game a bit because of the scale. It doesn't seem like a big scale simulator, whereas ETS2 really does. This will fix this! Now it's gonna feel more like a true simulator!

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24 Jun 2016 22:00

jdenm8 wrote:
Callipso wrote:Eliminate that back-road to Camp Verde that would be forest roads IRL that means plain dirt mostly ill-maintained only a ATV could get through all the way.
Are you talking about AZ-89 from Ash Fork to Prescott, then AZ-89A from Prescott to Cottonwood and then AZ-260 from Cottonwood to Camp Verde?
They're all pretty well-maintained State Highways.
Given where Prescott is, if the AZ-89A/260 leg was extended to the East a bit more Prescott would easily fit. That leg of AZ-89 runs pretty much straight south through relatively easy terrain following the former SFPP line.

As for those few roads to the north of Camp Verde, it's supposed to be the Montezuma Castle (And it's actually signed "Montezuma Castle"). Since it's a pretty popular national monument, the road to it is completely paved IRL.
US-89 from Ash Fork goes through Chino Valley that isn't anything special, though you would end up far to the south as, Prescott its at least 30-40 miles southwest of Cottonwood SR-89A goes over the Black Hills, that road is very steep at some points so it would slow you down to use that road over I-17, which is just downhill and the exit from the Interstate is right there at Camp Verde.
Eh, Montezuma Castle is not as popular as you might expect actually, I went there recently wasn't a whole lot of people, years ago it was more popular when the park service wouldn't try to gouge you with $20 dollars for entry. I remember 20 years ago it was like $5 for entry, and that was for most all the national monuments out here. Inflation or just being downright poor has made the Park Service desperate. imo

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25 Jun 2016 04:46

SCS finally finds that smaller scale won't make mapping easier but more unnecessary compromise :lol:
I didn't buy ATS, either;
but once after they finish the update and release New Mexico (maybe?), then it's looks like a good time to grab it.

looking forward to this!

something not related: if SCS could rescale whole ETS2 to 1:15 as same as UK part...
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25 Jun 2016 08:43

pixza.yaoita wrote:
something not related: if SCS could rescale whole ETS2 to 1:15 as same as UK part...
Doubt that will ever happen since look at the size of the stock map!

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25 Jun 2016 12:49

It's easier to rescale the UK to 1:19 instead of the whole of Europe to 1:15.
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26 Jun 2016 05:56

This is amazing. I will probably actually play ATS if this is the case. I bought it and played not even 8 hours on it wherr as I have 700 plus hours on ETS 2 since i had it on steam and who knows how many prior to my steam daysm

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30 Jun 2016 17:25

Hello! Päivää!

I am curious.
Does this mean that it could be possible,that the Promods team could do something to the ATS map.
Because the scale of the game is then almost the same as ETS2 has.
So that it maybe could be easier to do maps for the ATS.
So that people dont need to use the Coast to Coast map,Mexuscan map or the MHApro map anymore.
Because it would be nice if the Promods team could do something to it,after the scale of the game map is changed.
But it is good to live in a hope.
I do know that the Promods team don't yet have people working with the ATS map.
I hope that it can change someday.
It is something like quantity versus quality,with the Promods map compared to other ATS map mods,because now we can only use copy paste states and towns in the ATS game.If we wish to drive outside the SCS made states.


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30 Jun 2016 18:41

After what I've seen in Arizona, I think that SCS map will only need several touch-ups, not whole rebuilding. ETS 2 scale project won't be necessary, at least that's what I think. We shall see...
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01 Jul 2016 06:10

Yea I don't disagree, maybe some rebuilding of intersections but some of them are already being rebuilt by SCS.
We should definitely update navigation, signage and assets where possible
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01 Jul 2016 06:41

Signage, yes, I almost forgot.
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