SCS is going to rescale the ATS map!

Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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01 Jul 2016 10:18

Volleybal4life wrote:It's easier to rescale the UK to 1:19 instead of the whole of Europe to 1:15.
definitely :lol:

I just thought from the mapping view, ProMods puts in so many assets and details so I always think about "if there has more space to place more cities", etc.
but back to Vanilla, if SCS really goes for rescale Europe, then it must be something similar to ETS3... :roll:
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02 Jul 2016 02:14

Barstow, if that does not get a rebuild, I would tag it for a rebuild.
Between and including CA-58 and I-15 / I-40
Sort of something like this? But with the I-15 exit 184/184B included.
And Exits 181 and 183 combined to 1, with CA-247 going south.

Or skip the E Main St shortcut and exits between I-40 and I-15?
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02 Jul 2016 19:52

I'm glad they're doing this, the map scale is the main reason I haven't bought ATS. Hopefully this means they can improve some of the scenery, as it seems the mountains in the game are a bit lacking.

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03 Jul 2016 18:47

Yah I really hope they improve the 80 between Sacramento and Reno over the Donner Pass. When I lived in Sac I used to travel to Reno really often.

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04 Jul 2016 00:34

I'm very excited about this. I think SCS has really made a good decision for the long term. As I pointed out when the game first came out, California and Nevada felt crowded, and they're some of the really spread out areas of the US. I honestly didn't see how they'd be able to be successful in mapping denser areas.

It'll be great to get some space between the cities. And I think it gives the room necessary to make the map more realistic. A lot of the complaints we've had can all be traced back to the compromises that had to be made to fit everything into the scale (like the surface street interstates, for example). This will be a great improvement.


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04 Jul 2016 01:00

You're absolutely right. On this scale, states like Rhode Island and Delaware would have been absolutely impossible. You wouldn't have been able to show off the tunnels under the city of Boston, or the airport or anything of that nature. Furthermore, the distance between Boston and Providence under the game's current scale would have been about 1 mile which in my opinion is far, far too short since in reality it takes much longer to get to Providence than that.
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04 Jul 2016 05:37

Kobra2112 wrote:the distance between Boston and Providence under the game's current scale would have been about 1 mile which in my opinion is far, far too short since in reality it takes much longer to get to Providence than that.
Now with this scale it more like 3 - 5 miles :lol: Still too close really its going to be one big megalopolis out there. Cities like Baltimore, Washington D.C. Philadelphia, New York, Hartford, Providence, Boston, are all going to be a struggle to get to work out at all. They may end up just being small towns in the end due to their vast size and how close they are in relation to each other. I'd bet they would end up having to draw lots on which ones make the cut in that area. To properly get in a large city requires a good 25 - 40 miles on the map.

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04 Jul 2016 20:16

Honestly, I'd be ok if the Mid-Atlantic was just one big interconnected city with a series of exits off I-95. It would do a decent job of representing the built up nature of that part of the US, and it would provide a very different driving experience from the open expanses of the Midwest or the desert Southwest.

Anytime something is getting scaled down to model, it isn't going to be a perfect representation of reality. It's a matter of trying to capture the flavor of what it's representing.


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04 Jul 2016 21:02

^I think this exactly should be the path for SCS to take when they reach that area. One huge megalopolis-thingy sounds awesome! :)

Though I'd imagine it would be quite a challenge to make it work when timescale drops within city areas and yet they have to represent distances accurately.
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07 Jul 2016 06:59

Wow, I did not expect them to do this! My jaw is in the basement.

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