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11 May 2017 23:20

ShirBlackspots wrote:
11 May 2017 04:04
Is there a reason why the map is 637MB in size for just AZ and part of CA?

Its because you left the autosave and backup directories in it.
Yeah... whoops. That's actually kinda funny. I'll chalk that up to being a total noob at modding this game, and they'll be out for whatever form the next version of ATS-SP takes.
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12 May 2017 01:01

I also merged the separate def and map into one. Makes it simpler to use when activating and placing in the manager. Also, make sure you create an image that's 276x162, manifest.sii and description.txt in the root of the mod.

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12 May 2017 02:59

NMCV431 wrote:
11 May 2017 23:19
Oh, absolutely. They waaaaaay over-use signs up on overhead gantries. They're really only found in urban areas, though some Interstates, notably I-75 in south Georgia and north Florida, have highway signs up on overhead gantries in rural areas. This probably owes to I-75's importance as a major shipping/travel route, as that segment connects Miami, Tampa, and Orlando (via FL-91) with Atlanta, and from there across multiple routes to the Midwest.

But in the three (soon to be four) states currently in ATS, signs in rural areas are overwhelmingly on the side of the road. I'm working on reflecting that, and it's something you'll definitely be seeing before long.
Good to hear that :D Thanks for your work

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15 May 2017 04:17

<ERROR> Missing sign template definition sign_templ.1306
Edit: Fixed turns out Foggy Weather modifies map sectors, had to load sign project at the very bottom below mexico and every other file

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29 May 2017 05:32

For anyone working with signs, I'm a civil engineer and here is the manual we use for the placement of signs. It free to access and use and print
It is called the MUTCD (Manunal on Uniform Traffic Control Device) and give details for signs and placement and how they look.

Here is the nation wide MUTCD
PDF link: ... dition.pdf

Also some states have their specific MUTCD or a state one, I live in Texas and we use our manual instead of the national one. ... mutcd.html
PDF link: ... sion-2.pdf

This will help for anyone doing work with signage,
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26 Oct 2017 23:47

Can you update this for the 1.29 with US_50___CA_99_V1.8. thanks

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