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15 May 2017 03:04

I am using the latest version of ATS.
I added the mod described here and started a new Profile.
MAP MOD (Priority)
CanaDream - 2.2.1
Project_West_1.3.2 _____ Viva_Mexico_2.2_connection

1. I chose Las Vegas as home base.
As soon as the loading begins and the start of the tutorial is displayed, the program stops.

2. When I choose other cities as home base, it start without problems.
However, when I select Las Vegas or Prim from a Quick Job,
At the start point, it is blown into different space.

Does everyone move without problems?
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29 May 2017 17:23

Coast to Coast and Canadream does not support Project West very well because it will show roads disconnected from map. Anyway it does work fine with Viva Mexico connection.
I see you have also a missing file called "Project West 1.3.2_quick_fix" to fix garage in San Diego.

Download link is from Project West SCS Software forum: ... x.scs.html
This mod is so awesome :D

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31 May 2017 11:44

Coast to Coast is updated 27th of May to version 2.1

So try removing the mods (after updating Coast to Coast to version 2.1) and see which one is causing issues.
I am not sure if Map_Ricks_ATS is compatible with the rest, I do not use it and the rest of your combintaion I do use and have no crash issues when creating profilor on existing profile.

The San Diego garage fix is optional.
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