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19 Jun 2018 01:20

Thank you for taking the time to read this. i understand you are a very busy person.
can you make a Jamaica map?

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19 Jun 2018 05:00

Hi, I can tell that nobody is going to make it for you (unleast there is someone working on it already, but again, I doubt you will find there one). ProMods are focused on the building of European maps, and currently they have they own tasks to finnish. It's better to at least try to make your own Jamaica map.
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19 Jun 2018 11:46

Tbh there is no development from ProMods in ATS until SCS finishes re-touching the vanilla map.

With that said, I invite you to make this Jamaica Map by your own, learn how to use the map editor

Code: Select all

and if your final work is really good, I'm sure ProMods will connect it as an Add-On in the future ;)
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