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04 Apr 2019 19:12

Totally possible.
Youtube video of a Semi Truck in Monaco 2011. Route driven. Traffic map. Possible modern ETS2 routes 1 and 2 and their combinations.
ProMods v2.33 and RusMap v1.8.1 load order for ETS2 1.34

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CAPLV wrote:
29 Sep 2018 10:12
imho.. promods must be ETS 2.. and only.. there is already ready community/map makers for ATS, covered all USA and even Mexico and Canada...
Seeing how terrible talking about quality are the mexico extremo expansions and other ones (but specially mexico)... i will be gladly if promods re do everything lol.

Floating bands over the road, black holes on the side of the roads, lack of signs everywhere, textures completely dull and low res, seams everywhere, and a huge etc (not to mention the low optimization of all the assets, apparently), and not to mention the position of the cities are completely out of the map borders...(i know minor issue but still , a sign of what a poor quality job they are doing).

The huge work talking about quantity is really appreciated but honestlly, i prefer quality than quantity and thats why promods will be always my choice. And its really a shame so many amazing places to go on Mexico but driving by those clunky maps... it is not motivating after a while.

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