Why won't my background image not work no matter what?

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16 Mar 2019 23:40

Hello. For a little context, I have done this before in previous versions of both ETS2, and ATS so I know what I'm doing.

I have been trying for 5 whole hours, and I'm about to give up completely. Basically, I cannot get a background map to work as I want to create a new map for ATS. So, here's what I did:

1. I created the .mbd file required to make a map, and the folder. I placed this in /map.

2.I used Maperitive to create a png of the map I wanted to use. The final image was less than 4096 x 4096.

3.With Paint.net, I scale only the canvas to 4096 x 4096, as this can be divided by 4. I saved it as a dds with DX5 Interpolated Alpha, Cluster fit, fant mip maps, and perceptual error metric.

4. I used tobjedit to create a tobj of the file.

5. I created the .mat file for this.

6. I created the correct def file with the editor_data.sii.

7. I proceded to make both .scs files WITHOUT compression, i.e. Store. I use WinRAR.

8. I booted up the game, and edited my map without problems. Except that it gave me a red screen instead of my map.

After more than 10 attempts changing files and file names for 5 hours to no avail, I've given up on modding ATS. I tried changing the file names to europe_bgn.dds, the tobj too, changed the mat to europe.mat, changed editor_data.sii an infinite amount of times, and still get the dammed red screen instead of my map. In case it's necessary, here are the files that have me almost crying with frustration :cry: . I have no idea what i'm doing wrong. And to top it all off, this happened:

I made a new profile just to change the mode to windowed. I started in Flagstaff, AZ (It's really nice in real life, I went there just 3 days ago.), then finished my first job. I then changed the mode to windowed in settings. After getting out of the game, I tried to open it to no avail; it was completely broken somehow. Apparently, creating the new profile with the new setting completely corrupted the other ones, including the game itself. The game now doesn't open, I checked the game log and deleted all of the config files in the profiles, still to no avail :x :( . I've given up on this game, and won't be playing it for months or years due to the frustration caused by something that should be easy :( . Also, my ATS version is 1.33 Steam.

Files: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/4qv7979 ... b34/shared
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16 Mar 2019 23:59

I found the issue in 30 seconds (I'm not saying it's the only issue as I didn't test it) - your path in the .tobj file is clearly wrong.

Code: Select all

/C:/Users/Darling/Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod/material/editor/europe_bgn.dds
While it should be

Code: Select all

No idea why you edited it, if you're using SCS names for those files ;)

Are you sure there was no message in the log telling you what's the reason of the red texture? I'm 99.9999% sure there was a clear error which would save you time and nerves. Always investigate your game.log thoroughly, that's the basic thing in ETS2/ATS modding.
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23 Mar 2019 06:08

First of all, thanks. I think I exaggerated when I said i'd stop playing the game. I tried renaming the background dds file many times to no avail, thinking it'd to something; it didn't. Also, you're right, I was using tobjedit wrong. Thanks, I really appreciate it. It works! And now, to make a more detailed California, Nevada, and Arizona!
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