How's the FPS in Washington?

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15 Jun 2019 14:45

BebeMischa wrote:
14 Jun 2019 17:48
It may be something wrong with overclocking, i found out today. By disabling MSI afterburner the framerate dropped with 10 FPS (so stil around 110 max.), but no more crashes. So i think, i have to find different settings in afterburner to run without crashes.
Increase core voltage just a bit. It should help.
Map editor is broken but who cares

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17 Jun 2019 05:09

Washington is not more fps demanding than the rest of the game. As long as the assets are the same, why would it be? the scenary is beautiful, but it does not have anything we already saw by now, its not more complex than other areas of San Franciso, or Las Vegas, Denver, etc, etc, etc, etc. I run the game in a rig from the year 2013 and it runs exactly the same as the other areas of the game.

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17 Jun 2019 22:41

So far performance-wise I've found Washington DLC to be a very pleasant experience. No frame rate drops or anything crazy like that
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18 Jun 2019 09:11

Same for me so far, but I only had one short trip to Washington (yet!). :D

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18 Jun 2019 12:10

Pretty well optimized. For me the only issue is lag in OBS while driving through the most dense forests. But same game is working fine at this moment. (from 12:00). It looks like the trees are most gpu demanding.
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18 Jun 2019 19:33

Forgot to say that thank you guys for the further answers! :)

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28 Jun 2019 01:36

Hi guys,
I run on 1070 sli dx11 3monitor and no big issue, in WashingtonDLC average 50 to 60 FPS with almost highest settings except AA and mirror quality, scaling 150%.
Well my question is how to set the NV profile and in game graphics settings.
Tell me you guys settings and opinions
Thanks in advance

2nd July
now 400% scaling, 60 to 90 fps.
I updated NVIDIA driver 3xx to 4xx

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