American Truck Simulator v1.35 - MOD Issue/Load Order

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29 Jul 2019 15:59


Hoping someone can help me with regards to Mods and the Load Order.
I have just updated all the mods for version 1.35 and started a new profile, however I am experiencing random game crashes or severe lagging to the point it makes the game unplayable.
There are errors and warnings in my game.log, which is below, I assume its an issue with the load order, a mod compatibility or conflict, however I cannot seem to identify which are causing the issues.

Hopefully you can help me resolve this.

If there is any other information you need then please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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29 Jul 2019 19:52

Try removing mexican traffic pack by Jazzycat.
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29 Jul 2019 22:33

Thank you for your response, that seems to have resolved my Jazzycat Mexican traffic issues.

Any ideas on the other ERRORS and WARNINGS there are in the log?

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30 Jul 2019 10:40

Disable all ai/trailer mods and add it one by one. In this way you'll find what causes errors.
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30 Jul 2019 21:59

Okay no problem, I will do that. Seems like its the only way to find out what Mods the errors link too.

Thanks for your help.

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01 Aug 2019 10:41

1.35 caused havok with any and all AI mods. i wouldnt bother with any of them this patch. see what happens in 1.36 or later. Even the people who make them have issues; that should tell you something

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04 Aug 2019 18:45

Thanks for your information.
How did you find out that there are so much problems with the AI mods?

Is it best to do the same with maps mods, unless Promods or SCS confirm they are compatible with the current game version?

Thank you.

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05 Aug 2019 21:25

You just find that out testing them, check if everything's ok and the game does not crash.
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05 Aug 2019 23:51

Thanks for you reply.

I've been testing mods in the form you mentioned, however the lagging or game crashing comes randomly with no obvious cause in the log when it occurs, the game seems to close cleanly for some reason, thus making it difficult to identify the mod(s) causing it.

It has become far less frequent where some errors have been resolved from doing it and also from previous feedback.

Many Thanks

I've now managed to clear the Errors and Warnings that caused the game crashing and most of the lag, new game log below,
If anyone has information that would reduce the remaining errors and warnings then it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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29 Sep 2019 00:11

00:00:17.807 : <WARNING> Ignoring obsolete attribute 'min_cog_mass' of unit 'trailer_def.hmmwv1j.infinitym.hmmwv1j' (of type 'trailer_def').
00:00:17.807 : <WARNING> Ignoring obsolete attribute 'min_cog' of unit 'trailer_def.hmmwv1j.infinitym.hmmwv1j' (of type 'trailer_def').
This means you use trailermod that is outdated or modmaker never updated it properly.
It won't cause crashes to my knowledge, it might cause lag

00:00:16.872 : <WARNING> [country_data] No speed limits defined for country 'bajacalifo'.
these are not something you can fix 123 unless you know where to adjust it
won't cause crashes or issues by my knowledge

00:00:15.266 : <WARNING> [model] Model geometry '/model/skybox/sun_hdr.pmg' has incorrect file version 506d6714 - expected version 506d6715. Converting...
00:00:15.268 : <WARNING> [model] Model geometry '/model/skybox/skybox.pmg' has incorrect file version 506d6714 - expected version 506d6715. Converting...
outdated file versions, game can with a command on launch convert it and you put it in correct mod , however this is looking in each mod that can have this.
It is not a 123 easy snap finger to solve it, if it is steam workshop mods then it is modmaker that might want to update those things once you know what mod is causing that error.
won't cause crashes, it might cause stuttering/lagging very briefly at some points depending on time of day/changing day to night or other way around

00:00:03.362 : <WARNING> [mods] Unknown category 'model' defined for Mega_Resources_v2_1_3. Ignoring.
00:00:03.375 : <WARNING> [mods] Unknown category 'others' defined for Real_Company_Logo_3D_V1.5. Ignoring.
category name in manifest.sii is invalid, it does not exist so most likely a typo
won't cause crashes

00:00:04.291 : <WARNING> [mods] No valid categories defined for mod_workshop_package.000000004A5BD438. Setting defaults.
up to the modmaker to adjust it in his/her manifest.sii, you can do it yourself but it will update back to current version and info, adjusting steam workshop mods is pointless unless you make it a non steam mod.
won't cause crashes

00:00:47.727 : <WARNING> [material] Material '/prefab/depots/car_dealer/car_dealer_6_bra_spot_lights_2.mat' uses obsolete 'ambient' attribute.
ambient attribute in that mat file must be removed to remove that error (i use notepad++ for it)
rare cases it can cause a crash but is not likely to happen

00:00:48.309 : <WARNING> [navigation] No valid prefix of the file in the voice pack: /sound/navigation/thegrandtour/uturn_1.ogg
modmaker must adjust the mod, mod will not work 100% the errors related to the files those sounds will not work.

00:00:03.343 : <WARNING> [mod] Mod package 'DEACTIVATED' does not contain a manifest file 'manifest.sii', creating default information set.
it says it all mod does not have a manifest.sii, mdmaker can ad it or you can do it yourself or leave it as it is
won't cause crashes

00:00:20.971 : <WARNING> item 0x2F57DE40EC400356 city 'sanluisp'
00:00:38.647 : <ERROR> Map link conflict for 0x2F57DE40EC400356, two items are probably using the same prefab, check city assignment, list follows
errors you can not fix most likely, it can be loadorder problem if loadorder is correct it can be map problem so up to mapmaker(s) to look into it
should not cause crashes etc. Might cause around those stutter/lag

00:00:20.471 : <ERROR> Company item without company assignment! (-23032.1;79.0352;95043)
can be map issue, have had it on vanilla profile as well , making it a game issue that you can not fix
won't cause crashes to my knowledge

Might have missed errors but it is plenty of them and bit late here.
Hope this helps a bit anyway. Remarks regarding crashes/lags/stuttering is based on my own experiences when i had similar errors/warnings

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