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31 Jul 2019 16:47

Here I would need your skills, I contacted the creator of this MAP, because I created a new profile to play this card I put my Mods as I always do on other ATS cards, and the game crashes directly when I take a transport mission??? first time I encounter this concern on ATS.......

I enclose the creator's answer, because I didn't understand anything lol ^^^

you may not be able to register MOD MANAGER on the left side of the other MODs, but you haven't deleted them!

look: all the MODs are in it!!! .... so the game reads them and crashes the game.

You have to understand a rule here, which is not quite the same rule: how SCS presents itself... both games read everything they have found
inside the MOD MANAGER, even if you don't check on the left side and just leave it there, you can see these MOD on the left,
but not at the same time in the right side too, where the game takes and reads these MOD.

So, if you want to have a clear profile, you have to remove all MODs from everywhere... mod folder on your PC and your workshop!

In MOD MANAGER left and right, you should only see the MOD MHAPro card. Then you can say, you just have my MOD card in there.

BUT, here's a big BUT too... if you have used other maps on this profile that are not compatible with MHAPro map MOD, then this will be the game
crash too - again.

So, you always have to extremely divide the profiles for different MOD cards!

In addition, with the cards, you can of course use other MODs, but you must also update them with each new SCS update.

Now I will look for other errors or problems... in this profile... and show you pictures...

I don't know all these MOD, but I don't see any other MOD card in this card, but only some of these other MOD, probably trailer MODs...

Maybe they cause the game to crash because SCS is constantly changing something... and for that reason, we have to change all the time and replace the new MOD with old ones.

My part 4 is just a use option... you don't need to use it if you don't want to... it's just sound in it, so, if you use another mod for sound, you can remove my part 4!

I say that because of that: I saw you having something from the workshop...

I saw in their many MOD for trailers... at the end of the game.log... and some trucks too... and and that

So, Game.log is full of MODs... hehee.... BUT... I think that after that, there are more problems between trailer and truck MODs... why?

If you have 2 or 3 different MODs running in the same place in the game, it's normal for these MODs to fight for a better position, right? ... and if they can't "accept", then crush the game... lol

this is one of the problems with the MOD trailer... small but it can also cause the game to crash...

For me, the biggest problem for these games is the "special" moderators in the workshop... who don't update their work!

What I can see from this error,, you have a fight between all your trailer MODs, you use MODs that work in the same place - from the beginning.

and the proof is there... you have too many MODs for the same place..., you must know, the moderators don't look at the people who work there... they only do MOD... and if you have a problem with that, it's about you, not about them... you must know everything about the game... lol

so how do we get out of this?

at home, I'll clean it up - but really move all the MODs in your mod folder to your PC!!! ... it's the first one!
Then I will write all the MODs you use from Workshop on paper, then I REMOVE them from MOD MANAGING too!

When you open in this MOD MANAGER profile, you must have your own... on both sides!... ..

If it is... then you can go out..... and just put MHAPro in a mod folder on your PC... and go to Profile if you just see MHAPro on the left side... if that's the case... then you can check all parts 1, 2 and 3... 4 if you wish.

And try to start this profile. If you see the game inside... then it's okay... you can get out. And put 1 new MOD in a mod folder on your PC. And go back to MOD MANAGER, and check this MOD too.

Then you will see MHAPro on the right and this new MOD on the right. Put this MOD under the MHAPro card... and start the game. If it works, go out without driving, and put the new MOD in the mod folder, save
MOD MANAGER, put under MHAPro board and start Profile again, to check if you can see the game inside... if you see, repeat everything until you don't have a crash.

When it crashes, you can remove the last MOD..... obviously, it is this MOD that causes the problem. And this way, you can test all MOD!

If you just start with the MHAPro card in a crash, then you must REMOVE the whole profile, as it is corrupted and you must create a brand new one and test it in the same way, as I wrote above.

You can check in each Game.log the type of errors or warnings you will get...... my MOD MHAPRo card is rebuilt and has no errors. It has a totally clean game.log.

So if you see a problem in there, you'll have something MOD you have in there. And just with the tests, you can know where there's a problem.

The main problem is that these moderators do not use their own names in MODs, but mainly because they usually do not know that they work on these MODs... for example, Jazzycat, he knows exactly how to do something.
it can work with all MOD!! Others, in 90% of cases, simply copy the SCS work and make mods... lol... and because of that, we have a mod crash!

The other story is about MOD cards, we can't separate the cards because we use sectors inside the card... and that's fundamental for the work here, not for the data inside the MOD. Internal data is in second place... but with
trailer and truck and other mods, it is opposite.

I hope you understand everything... if you have any more questions... just ask... I'll try to answer you.

The same is with the Game.log... if you don't understand something, just send it... I'll look at it... but it must always be after the crash, every time you start the game again, it starts with a new game. connect too!
If one of you could help me with this it would be really cool, because it's a shame to a MAP or I can't play! I think he didn't understand my request, because I and send him my LOG with the MAP in it + the Mods used, to hear him think that the game crashes just with that card and without Mods, but it's not the case, because I'm mods there yes they're active, because I want it in my lol profiles ^^^

Especially since for each profile created ETS, or ATS, I create a source folder with the name of the profile, and I drag my mods into it, to have a specific profile, when I want to play a profile with it Mods it is enough for me to get the mods in my previously created folder corresponding to the profile I want to play.....

There are only for Mods coming from the steam Workshop that I leave in the steam database, but that I uncheck on each profile to play;) , but the problem doesn't come from there, because we all know it, the Mods of the Steam workshop if they are not tick on a profile the game reads them not;) ......

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01 Aug 2019 10:39

Holy verbose response.

What you need to do is REMOVE THE MODS FROM THE MOD FOLDER. not just "disable" them. take them out of the physical folder. for steam workshop items, unsubscribe.

And try again. See what happens. Ive read of that issue before, not related to this map but that the game does in fact scan everything in the folders, even if its not active.

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