ProMods for American Truck Sim?

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14 Dec 2014 03:45

First, greetings and salutations. And a huge Thank You to the entire team. This mod really enhances the game to a degree words alone simply cannot express. I am grateful to the entire team for their efforts. You folks do amazing work.

Which brings me to my question: I know its early yet, but I was wondering whether the team has given any thoughts to at least the possibility of mods for American Truck Simulator? Like I said, I know its very early, since the first state is not due until Feb 2015 earliest, and of course nothing could possibly be set in stone just yet.

My question was simply whether there's any tentative interest on the part of the team in making mods for that title also.


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15 Dec 2014 18:04

Very tiny chances...
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15 Dec 2014 21:55

Unlikely. We have our hands full already with Europe. Adding America to that is just too much.
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15 Dec 2014 22:35

IMO, when you add the USA to Europe, the ETS2 world would just be far to big to be fun. I don't really want to DRIVE my goods from Debrecen (H) to San Francisco (USA).. That's just to far to be fun to drive, it would take to long even in 1:19 scale.
I think SCS will combine the two games (ETS2 and ATS) though World of Trucks, and I think that is enough.

Combining the two will destroy both games, the US and Europe are two completely different worlds, both political and in the means of traffic. It wouldn't be realistic to combine both in one Truck Simulator game.
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16 Dec 2014 02:03

I think also, that there will some native fan's of ATS stand up and make some mods. That continent has modders too...
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16 Dec 2014 02:56

BebeMischa wrote:I think also, that there will some native fan's of ATS stand up and make some mods. That continent has modders too...
Let us hope they have modders that are as good as the ProMods team :).

I do not see yet how SCS is going to connect ATS and ETS. But maybe ProMods team could be working togheter with a good ATS map modding team in the future when the game comes to us. I really like American Truck sims so I really hope for ProMods team to take a part into it.
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16 Dec 2014 03:44

I wouldn't think that they would (or should) be combined. I would be very disappointed if they didn't both exist though. As for modding, I'm certain that local modders will find a way to make things as interesting as possible.

One thing that would be cool, though would be a hook from one to the other. Sort of like being able to transfer from a German branch of one's company to an American one. Only the acknowledgement of the existence of the company within both games would be needed. All functionality and economy etc. would remain separate. That would be nice.
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16 Dec 2014 04:28

Just thought I would ask. Would love to see some additional maps for American Truck with the kind of quality ProMods offers. Not sure if connecting the games would necessarily be a good, agreeable idea - or even possible. Was more thinking of the possibilities that some modders might add to American in the same manner ProMods adds to Euro.

thanks for chiming in. Who knows...maybe I will take some time and learn to mod, since I have done a good bit of road tripping around the Southeast U.S. myself.

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16 Dec 2014 09:33

According to the information SCS has released it looks like the scale of the map in ATS is completely different to that of ETS2. So what I suggest is that ProMods could have 2 versions, one for ETS2 and another one for ATS. They could be called ProMods Europe and ProMods America (or something like that). Or just ProMods (but different version for each game). Obviously the already existing ProMods would be the one for ETS2 and a completely new one would have to be created for ATS. It would be a lot of work, but this is just an idea. :mrgreen:

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16 Dec 2014 14:53

America is so huge,like Europe and be so big for ETS2.AI vehicles are different and the trucks are different.I never heard like European truck is driving in American roads. If ProMods will work here,they progress in European countries will stop and that they can improve is to add countries like Mexico or Canada and some American cities what don't exist in the game.ProMods team is to small to work in both games faster.Are a lot people who will improve ATS ,because ProMods have their lifes and spend they freetime to improve ETS2.
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