Set the date.... (ATS talk the talk)

Ask questions about the ATS mod here. If useful they will be added to the Q&A / Development updates.
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18 Dec 2015 11:40

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18 Dec 2015 12:04

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18 Dec 2015 12:14

I wonder what mods will come out... :)

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18 Dec 2015 12:38

I just read it looking forward to February 3 2016

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18 Dec 2015 23:49

They said North America. This could mean Canada and Mexico also.

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19 Dec 2015 10:49

I am so shocked to see that Scs has finally confirmed the Release date for ATS I'll be buying this game when it comes out straight away ;)
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19 Dec 2015 22:06

Searching around on google I've seen pictures of the game map. I really hope what I saw isn't the final product because some parts look unrealistic and will require some promods love (hopefully). But the details/environment look to be well done. I think for myself if the map doesn't represent how California roads really are, this will be my biggest disappointment. But I am still excited to try this out and see what SCS has done.

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20 Dec 2015 02:33

chris0101 wrote:. I think for myself if the map doesn't represent how California roads really are, this will be my biggest disappointment.
Well there are no roads with more than 3 lanes, which is unimaginable anywhere around LA :)
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20 Dec 2015 03:45

Is ATS on the same 1:19 scale as ETS?

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20 Dec 2015 03:58

smith121363 wrote:Is ATS on the same 1:19 scale as ETS?
As far as I can tell from pre-release footage it's more like 1:30, so even more punishing.
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