[Fixed] [#417/419] [1.80] E4, invisible walls

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02 Dec 2014 14:55

MarkusbiorcK wrote:Hey whoever of the guys that makes this mod... I have run into two invisible walls in promods up in sweden, first one between skövde and linköping.... so i had to take another route... then i hit another invisible wall between linköping and stockholm just under södertälje...(i dunno how to post pics here but i can email them to you if you want to) So please guys really do check for invisible walls before you upload this mod.. Btw its a epic mod even tho there are some invisible walls scatterd around
This was already reported. Use the search bar for see if a bug was already reported
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02 Dec 2014 17:22

It's SO tiresome to search inhere.
Example: Promods 1.81
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WHAAT!! :?

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02 Dec 2014 17:27

The fixes list is easy to find... It's right there in the bottom of the red square..

And topics are also easy to find..http://www.promods.net/search.php?keywo ... +linkoping
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12 Jul 2018 10:51

All fixed in WIP
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