non colision road

For problems that are not caused by ProMods
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08 Jan 2020 17:29

New version is downloading, i hope it will work

Dodano po 1 godzinie 37 minutach 22 sekundach:
I downloaded new Rusmap and i still flying out of the road, but i think its a problem of road connection, which is not yet available for version 2.0 of Rusmap and 2.43 for Promods.

Dodano po 5 minutach 10 sekundach:
I'm so pissed for real, I want to play this game again, can I remove rusmap from mods and still play on this save game? what's the risk of it? I have a garage in Minsk and Moscow and in these garages drivers and trucks and these areas are located in the area of ​​Rusmap

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09 Jan 2020 08:56


there is a road connection for RusMap 2.0 and ProMods 2.43 - it's inside the RusMap 2.0 archive.

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10 Jan 2020 19:43

Yeah, I found it but i still fall uot of the map

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I decided to look a little deeper and flew on camera 0 straight all the time and came to the conclusion:
- all AI traffic disappears,
- I found two places where there are no textures,
- the game crashes after a while,
- I don't have any fps drops until crash.

I also put a link to the mod manager

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14 Jan 2020 22:43

I removed Rusmap from mod folder and everything works fine, i don't know what was wrong

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17 Jan 2020 02:02

That load order on the last video is completely wrong!

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