broken road connections into Rustock

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14 Jul 2016 05:39

I am using v1.24 + promods 2.03 + rusmap. Everything is working fine except 95%of the road connections in and out of Rostock are missing. I have checked the rest of the map and can't find any other problems. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the promods team for their hard work and continued commitment.
screan shot of missing road connections
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14 Jul 2016 09:56

Can you please provide your game log?
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14 Jul 2016 12:12

Looks like you're using Russian Open Spaces, don't you? The mod load order is very important when using ProMods with ROS (and as well very complicated with a lot of different files. That's on of the reasons why I don't use ROS). Check this thread for the right order.

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