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Better support for Realistic Graphics Mod 1.5.1

Posted: 15 Sep 2016 11:03
by mads1153
I want to have a better support for Realistic Graphics Mod 1.5.1 for Promods Map 2.11 from Steam Workshop due to a game crash I have experienced when I reached out of north and west for Kaunas in Lithaunia. This game crash tries to do something with a texture file that it thinks has been malformed/read only. It worked fine without this mod.

I asked to the creator (Frkn64) and he said he had checked it and this mod does not change vegetation. He said too Promods proably have an issue with this texture file. You can see more in source of gamelog.txt in this link under.

Source to this gamelog.txt:

Link to this mod: ... =721281972
I use also another mod called More Colorful HDR for Realistic Graphics Mod and link to this mod: ... =705225273

Edit: This case is closed now because the creator found the issue and I can confirm the issue has been fixed by the creator.