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For problems that are not caused by ProMods
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08 Jun 2018 18:15

I turned on the game with the same promods and the problem still occurs

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08 Jun 2018 18:18

Im have DLC france ever in mod folder :D Previously, I had fashion all the same and it worked

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08 Jun 2018 18:48

@kubixozor, you should never need to put DLC files into your mod folder. This will certainly cause problems when the file in your mod folder is different than your game version, but even if they matched loading the DLC as a mod will cause problems with mod priority.

Do you legally own DLC France and DLC Italy from Steam? If you do own them legally, please perform an integrity check on your game files using Steam: Verify Integrity of Game Files. If your game still doesn't work after that, in Steam on your ETS2 page under the "DLC" category uncheck the checkbox next to those two DLCs, then re-check the boxes, wait a minute (wait for the files to redownload from Steam), then test your game again.

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