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21 Dec 2018 15:26

Hey guys im new to this and tried to download the promod.
I want to download the faster onefile version but dont have paypal to pay for this so i had to try free.
Then i tried to download the first file but it gives me an error that the page is unavailable.
After that, i tried another one (the 6th) and it downloaded it promptly.
Then i tried to click and download the others, but they always give me that connection error until suddenly i am blocked for to many requests.
I havent been warned at all and i had only 1 file in download actually.

So can anyone tell me how long i am blocked?
And how do i prevent this from happening again? Do i have to wait a specific time after i tried and failed to download a file?

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21 Dec 2018 16:11

look here:

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21 Dec 2018 17:00

ok thank you.
I didnt saw this faq.

i maybe just try again now. should be about an hour ago

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