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09 Feb 2019 20:36


I have just started to play ETS2 again after a break of 10 months, but the game crashes when i try to upgrade the truck. Maybe someone would like to take a look at the game.log?
I have tried myself to locate the crash, by remove incompatible mods from a older version.

Game.log link:

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09 Feb 2019 21:03

You have too many mods, any of them can cause crash.

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09 Feb 2019 21:06

I have played the game with more mods than this, and the game did not crash.
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09 Feb 2019 21:59

It doesn't matter how many mods you have, but if they're compatible with each other - disable all mods, then add them one by one and you'll see which one causes your problem.
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09 Feb 2019 22:24

Code: Select all

Wind Turbine Tower and Blade with Special Transport DLC
check his Workshop mods, you need his ProMods addon/fix


Code: Select all

<ERROR> Error loading scene config '/def/truck_config_scene.sii'
outdated Truck. not sure which one, maybe the FH16. for most Trucks you can find fixes.

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