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Firetrucks bug [Promods 2.33]

Posted: 30 Apr 2019 21:56
by SiphaCraft
Hello, sorry for the old version of Promods but When I see an car crash, There are Police and Firefighters but I don't find the firetrucks and ambulances. I think it's a mod conflict but I don't find what is the mods in conflict. I sent my log file: ... 283%29.txt

My DLCs and maps:

- Vive la France DLC
- Italia DLC
- Scandinavia DLC
- Going East DLC

- Promods 2.33
- Rusmap 1.8.1
- Paris Rebuild
- Poland Rebuild
- Southern Region Map
- Romania Extended

Thanks for your help.


Note: sorry but I can't upload my logfile in Pastebin beacause it doesn't work.

Re: Firetrucks bug [Promods 2.33]

Posted: 01 May 2019 13:52
by SiphaCraft
So, I found and the problem comes from Rusmap. I searched on the web but I have the impression that nobody have this problem.